EID 01 – Change colour of CTA

EID 01 – Change colour of CTA


If this experiment is successful, I predict the conversion rate from views to signups on our home page will increase by 10% for the following reasons:

  • The current color (yellow) doesn’t resonate with our brand colors (although it provides a good contrast with the page’s background)
  • I received anecdotal data from a friend who ran this experiment with a similar product where this increased their conversion rates.

Experiment Design

  1. Create two variations of the home page.  
    1. Variation a – Blue CTA
    2. Variation b – Green CTA
  2. Test against the Control (current home page) by evenly splitting traffic between the three.  
  3. Test for minimum of 50 conversions

Resource Estimation and Probability

Marketing Design Engineering Probability
0.5 Day 0 Day 0.2 Days High


Variation Views Signups Conversion Rate
a 1034 204 19.7%
b 1058 312 29.4%
Control 1022 189 18.5%



  • Users respond to Green CTA button much better than other colors. Possible reasons are that green resonates with our branding and it is a good contrast with the page’s background.
  • Although the color blue gels well together with our branding it doesn’t provide a good contrast and the button can be missed by users.


Action Items

  • Productize the winning variation (Green CTA)

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