EID 02 – Ask users for reviews frequently

EID 02 – Ask users for reviews frequently


If this experiment is successful, I predict:

  • Our app’s ranking will go up a few notches – at least 10 places 30 days after implementation
  • and that the conversion rate from views to installs on our app store page will increase by 15

Experiment Design

  1. We are currently asking user for reviews only once after they complete their first transaction
  2. We should ask users for reviews on all occasions they could feel happy while using our product
    • Send user first request for review after:
      • 10 app opens
      • at least one event where the user is rewarded or has purchased an item
      • During weekdays only (between 5 pm and 9 pm)
    • Send the second review after:
      • at least 25 app opens
      • at least three events where the user buys an item or a combination of events where the user is rewarded
      • and at least 2 weeks after the first review
      • and during weekends(time 8 am to 11 am or 9 pm to 12 am)
    • Send user the third review after:
      • at least 150 app opens
      • at least ten purchases or a combination of events where the user is rewarded a total of more than $25
      • and at least 1 month after the second review
      • during the weekday (if time is between 5 pm and 9 pm) or on weekends (time 8 am to 11 am)


Resource Estimation and Probability

Marketing Design Engineering Probability
0.25 Day 0 Day 0.1 Days High


When Ranking Views Installs Reviews Install/View Review/Install
Before 44 16300 1170 50 7%  4%
After 26 18330 1560 90 9% 6%


  • Higher frequency of asking reviews increased the:
    • Total  no of reviews
    • Total no of installs/day
    • No of views of the app on the app store
  • And most importantly reduced the app ranking, thereby magnifying organic user acquisition

Action Items

  • Do a user survey asking those who don’t complete the survey the reason why they don’t complete it

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